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October 28, 2009

Another Painting and Putting the Mouse to Bed.

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The painting of the Angel Fish I did awhile ago, and this was one that sold fairly quickly.

The drought on ebay finally finished with the sale of a couple of the little miniatures, after 16 days with no sales I was starting to look with a knowledge of no sales so was really nice when a couple went. fish

Have you ever woken to a mouse in your bed.  My dog caught a mouse. I was woken to the sound of him trying to talk to me in his own language,  but its hard to talk with a mouse dangling from your mouth. On opening one eye to see what the fuss was about I decided to do what the mouse was and play dead.  He would put it on the bed next to me, then when it ran away, straight off and catch it again, after a few attempts to try and make it sit on the bed properly he realised its not going to stay put like he wants it to, so just sat there with it dangling  from his mouth, holding it very gently. But at the same time trying to talk to me to wake me and show me his new friend.  I decided it was time to stop playing dead myself and rescue the mouse, denying him his new mate.   Once he realised I was awake and starting to sit up, its time for it to be plonked in my lap.  I jumped a mile in the air and the poor mouse did also and took off again, this time he got a chance to get away.  Holding my dog by his collar until it had gone.  I was in the bad books for a long time after, talk about sulk.  He adopts anything, and can’t understand when I take the poor things away from him. The other day I heard him talking and barking at something outside for ages, decided to go see, and he’d caught a bird, beautiful little thing it was, he had his nose right next to the birds beak and every time it tried to move he nudged it and talked to it. I finally got the bird in my hands and took it inside and into a box with some water bread and spinach leaves for a bed, I really didn’t expect it to live through the night and thought it would die of fright.  I was happily suprised the next morning when I heard it cheeping. Took it out the front and sat it on the doorstep and it flew off about 10 minutes later.  Once again I’m in the bad books with sulky looks for hours after.  Aren’t they beautiful.


October 27, 2009

Some More Paintings and Drawings.

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100_4414candlelit ladyHave just popped a couple more on today, one I did awhile ago, and the other one just a night ago.  Have had some on abay, but for the last 18 days haven’t been able to sell anything whatsoever.  The fees certainly mount up with no sales and having to relist all the time.  It was going really well until my computer was hacked and totally crashed and since then nothings at all!!!  Very frustrating.   I thoroughly enjoyed the ebay experience its fascinating, and heaps of talented artists on there, love looking through their works. I will be shifting quite a few from ebay on to here, plus some of the lovely feedback I have received from people on there.  And also adding a way to pay and pricing for paintings, drawings or aceo’s if  you would like to buy  anything.

The bird and nest is a miniature, measuring 6×4″, I am slowly progressing back from 2.5×3.5″  to larger sizes.

The graphite is a larger one I did some time ago.

Thank you so much for looking and have a great day or night, where ever you are in the world.

October 25, 2009

Paintings and Drawings.

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These are a couple of larger sized ones am adding now, have been into the aceo’s for a few months now, and haven’t done anything larger for awhile. Just got a new box of pastel pencils not long ago, so am looking forward to doing some in that medium also.flowerswolves

Some Graphite Aceo’s.

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Today have put on a couple of graphite ACEO’s have just finished. I like working a few different mediums and have always liked graphite and charcoal a lot.raccoon100_4335i'm tall

October 20, 2009


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Hello and welcome to my blog. My blog is about art,  paintings, drawings,  ACEO’s which are quite addictive, they measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches, miniature artworks.  I love collecting and making them.

I have sold my art both locally and overseas, Europe, U.S.A.  England, and Korea.  These are a couple of ACEO’s,  two in oils with a palette knife, one in oil pastels, and the gumflowers in coloured pencils.

Thank you for looking, I will be adding more a little later, I hope you enjoy your visit here.

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