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December 31, 2009

Some More Graphite and Pen and Ink Drawings.

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These are a few I did some time ago, two are graphite and one is pen and ink, the pen and ink one I did from a fantastic book I had on art.

December 29, 2009

ACEO’s Oils Dolphins.

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This is a couple of oil ACEO’s I did, aceo’s measure 2.5 x 3.5″. Miniature artworks. I love dolphins they are so beautiful.

Graphite Art

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These are a couple of graphite drawings I did, I really am a sucker for graphite and charcoal art.

This is an incredible link I found for graphite and charcoal work,  he has many links of different artists on there.  The talent is absolutely amazing.  If you get the time its worth checking out. Also some really beautiful paintings there as well. The talent around never ceases to amaze me, and I never tire of looking at it.

Well Xmas has come and gone, and now the preparations for New Years will be well underway for most people. We’re in for a blistering one for the next few days with temps up around the 40 degree mark again, think its about 105-6 in the old temps.  So will be really glad when the cooler change comes in. I have been looking at a few sites from across the other side of the world, and wow the snow they have had. Some of the photos I’ve looked through are incredible. It must be so hard to walk through it at times. I’ve never seen snow myself, but it looks so beautiful, must have its down side as well.

December 26, 2009

Some Humour For Supper..

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I found these on the net today, and a bit of humour never goes astray. I hope you enjoy them. I’ve just been sitting here with my usual coffee (didn’t get my decaffienated yet)  and looking through some of the joke sites. Some are so good, the sense of humour some people have is wonderful.

This one not so humorous really, they need to put the poor cat on a diet.

Not meant to be confusing is this?

December 25, 2009

Graphite Artists.

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Well our catastrophic fire alert, turned out to be catastrophic. My heart goes out to the poor souls who lost their homes and everything in the fires we had. What a Xmas for you. At least no lives were lost, something to be thankful for.

How heartbreaking it must be to lose everything you own like that, all belongings Xmas presents and photographic memories just up in smoke.

Xmas day is now nearly over for another year,  quite but relaxing day. The latter part of it I  spent going through some old graphite drawings I had done awhile ago, my love of graphite and charcoal is undiminished, and spent some time on the web going through different blogs offering a look into their work, how beautiful some of it is. I found an amazing link to pencil artists and had a ball going through that as well.  Felt like a kid in a candy store.  This link is of some of the best pencil artists in the world.   So I really consider myself lucky to have found it.

Years ago I had a hobby in photography, and even in that I always leaned towards black and white photos. I think it stems from when I watched the really old movies  and fell in love with the way they did the lighting way back then.

I have my usual coffee with me,  and am going to go back into pencilartists and drool some more. Hope your Xmas was wonderful.

December 22, 2009

More Coffee and Blogging.

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It’s 4.30am, just finishing a coffee, and enjoying a bit of the cooler time of the morning, it was a stinker today and with another one forecast for tomorrow, 42, thankfully the day after will be back to civilised temperatures, and RAIN, hooray.  The backwash of Cyclone Lawrence coming over to us, with about 20 mm expected. We’re on our water rations and can only water twice a week, so any rain in between is so appreciated.  Plus a lazy way to water the lawns. Will get the dogs little swimming pool out tomorrow and put some water in it, he really loves that late afternoon,  and just lays back in it for awhile, before his mad run around the yard then.

I’ve never been through a cyclone myself, and am glad for that, they had winds up to 250 kilometres an hour, it must have been absolutely terrifying.  With quite a bit of damage done also.  But its always good when no lives are lost.  We in the South are on “catastrophic” fire alert tomorrow, so all fingers and toes will be crossed we don’t have any.  The taste of what happened in Victoria is still too fresh.

I actually got some more painting done today, was good to progress again.  Time to try and get a bit of sleep.  And today have to buy some decaffienated coffee.

December 21, 2009


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I found this on the internet, and just wanted to put it on, tried some others but I’m not terribly computer savvy, some you had to do all these different things to be able to download them and keep them. So simple and straight to the point,  MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR.

Just sitting with a coffee, and been looking through the blogs I follow and some new ones also.  The coffee’s great and so are most of the blogs.  My biscuit pinching dog is asleep on the floor near me. Quite probably disappointed I only have the coffee and nothing else.  I don’t think it would hurt him to lose a kilo or two anyway.  I’ve gotten into the bad habit of when I have something he always gets a taste of it to, have to stop this. It’s not fair on him.

We’re in for a couple of scorchers over the next couple of days, but then thankfully it will drop right back down to the mid 20’s for Xmas. A perfect day weather wise.  Went for a drive around the neighborhood the other night and saw the different houses with their Xmas lights up and on, it was so beautiful. They had an older gentleman on the Today Tonight show a few nights ago who every year decorates the front of his home for the children (and parents) to come and see, someone had deliberately driven right over all his trees and decorations destroying them all. He was heartbroken, he saves up each year a little out of each pension day to add to what he’s got, and as he said he could never replace them for Xmas and would take a few years anyway. They had him back on the show again last night, Bunnings, the local store had chipped in and delivered to him all the decorations he needed to get it all going again. The joy in that mans face was unbelievable, with tears of joy to go with it.  Xmas comes again to his house. And what a lovely thing for Bunnings to do.  I truly don’t believe the mentality of some people.

I dearly want to finish my other pastel painting, and hope to over the next couple of days.

December 19, 2009

ACEO’s For Sale – Miniature Artworks.

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Hi, hope your day is going great and productive in whatever way you wish. I have just had my umpteenth cup of coffee, minus my biscuit, which I just put on the plate on the lounge, walked out the room to turn the light out and back again and guess who’s sitting there wagging his tail and licking his lips when I came back in.  Normally when he knows he’s done anything naughty he gives a naughty wag of the tail, just the last couple of inches of it, but this time they were chocolate chip cookies, and man did they taste good for him, not one speck of remorse was shown. The tail was going full bore, waiting for more.

The coffee’s certainly help  to get through the day.  Have some sleep deprivation going on, with only about 3-4 hours  this morning so hope to get some more later.

I have added some of the ACEO’s  I have been doing lately, I found out about these art collectors cards a few months ago. All ACEO’s measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches, miniature artworks. The popularity of these little artworks is spreading worldwide as another form of collecting original works from artists. They make wonderful gifts to put inside a card, or to ad to your own aceo collection. Some are done in acrylic, some oil, and some coloured pencil and graphite.

My photographic skills are really up the creek and can say these really do look better in person, with better colours also.

All of these are for sale, the prices range from $10-$18.00 Postage is $2.50. Nearly all art works on my site are for sale except those already in private collections. I have been trying to ad a paypal buy now button, but am having problems trying to get this done.

For any enquiries and if you would like to purchase anything please email me at  and I will contact you straight back.

Thanks for stopping by.

December 17, 2009

Old Man Wind.

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The first pastel painting of the Flinders I finished and it ended up a Xmas gift to someone, am just happy they like it,  I haven’t finished the second one yet, so time to pull the proverbial  finger out and get stuck into it. We just had another couple of incredibly hot days, yesterday the heat was fierce, but how wonderful to be able to turn an air con on and cool the room down. I couldn’t believe it, a respite from the heat. Was glorious. My dog absolutely loved it also, and spent most of the day laying on the floor lapping it up.  I owe a huge thank you to someone who helped me get the air con, wouldn’t have been able to do it without their help, as pension doesn’t afford such luxuries, hope can sell more art to pay them back.  Early last night still nearly 40 degrees, the show of heat lightning was unreal, with the huge rolls of thunder to go with it. Must have been about 1 0r 2 am when the cool change came in properly,  boy did it come in a whoosh, instantaneous. My dog was laying near the front door, scared the crap out of him and myself,  he ran into my room, I ran out of it the same time, to see what the noise was, was old man wind absolutely  howling through.  What a noise, was a squall that just ripped through suddenly.

Today is heaven, with rain and about 24 degrees.

December 4, 2009

Unfinished Pastel Paintings.

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Finally back to my blog and some paintings, these two have just started a few days ago and hope to finish them this weekend. They are of The Flinders Ranges areas in South Australia,  I have been doing some miniature oils of the red centre in this style and decided to do some of the Flinders after the same style and colours, abstracty. I love the colours we have through the centre and outback of Australia, so vibrant and earthy.

I got my airconditioner installed the other day, naturally the weather turned as soon as I got it and heaters came back out, but I will take the colder weather any day over the heat But wow, what a thought, to know there will be some respite for the next lot of heatwaves we have.  The weather really knocked me for awhile, (getting too old for it, haha,)  and was so good to start with the pastels again.

I’ve made an early New Years Resolution to myself, to take out an unfinished art piece each day and add a bit more to it until its completed.  Now all I have to do is stick to it,  a bit more self discipline is needed.

Have just been looking through a few blogs, and an apology to people who have left comments and not had an answer I hope I have answered all and not missed any. Thank you so much for stopping by. Also have a few more to catch up on reading.

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