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December 21, 2009


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I found this on the internet, and just wanted to put it on, tried some others but I’m not terribly computer savvy, some you had to do all these different things to be able to download them and keep them. So simple and straight to the point,  MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR.

Just sitting with a coffee, and been looking through the blogs I follow and some new ones also.  The coffee’s great and so are most of the blogs.  My biscuit pinching dog is asleep on the floor near me. Quite probably disappointed I only have the coffee and nothing else.  I don’t think it would hurt him to lose a kilo or two anyway.  I’ve gotten into the bad habit of when I have something he always gets a taste of it to, have to stop this. It’s not fair on him.

We’re in for a couple of scorchers over the next couple of days, but then thankfully it will drop right back down to the mid 20’s for Xmas. A perfect day weather wise.  Went for a drive around the neighborhood the other night and saw the different houses with their Xmas lights up and on, it was so beautiful. They had an older gentleman on the Today Tonight show a few nights ago who every year decorates the front of his home for the children (and parents) to come and see, someone had deliberately driven right over all his trees and decorations destroying them all. He was heartbroken, he saves up each year a little out of each pension day to add to what he’s got, and as he said he could never replace them for Xmas and would take a few years anyway. They had him back on the show again last night, Bunnings, the local store had chipped in and delivered to him all the decorations he needed to get it all going again. The joy in that mans face was unbelievable, with tears of joy to go with it.  Xmas comes again to his house. And what a lovely thing for Bunnings to do.  I truly don’t believe the mentality of some people.

I dearly want to finish my other pastel painting, and hope to over the next couple of days.

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