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December 22, 2009

More Coffee and Blogging.

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It’s 4.30am, just finishing a coffee, and enjoying a bit of the cooler time of the morning, it was a stinker today and with another one forecast for tomorrow, 42, thankfully the day after will be back to civilised temperatures, and RAIN, hooray.  The backwash of Cyclone Lawrence coming over to us, with about 20 mm expected. We’re on our water rations and can only water twice a week, so any rain in between is so appreciated.  Plus a lazy way to water the lawns. Will get the dogs little swimming pool out tomorrow and put some water in it, he really loves that late afternoon,  and just lays back in it for awhile, before his mad run around the yard then.

I’ve never been through a cyclone myself, and am glad for that, they had winds up to 250 kilometres an hour, it must have been absolutely terrifying.  With quite a bit of damage done also.  But its always good when no lives are lost.  We in the South are on “catastrophic” fire alert tomorrow, so all fingers and toes will be crossed we don’t have any.  The taste of what happened in Victoria is still too fresh.

I actually got some more painting done today, was good to progress again.  Time to try and get a bit of sleep.  And today have to buy some decaffienated coffee.

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