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April 23, 2010

Long time between blogs.

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C/Park cat

my tent

Hello to my blogging friends. Its been a long time since blogging. I haven’t had access to a computer.  I had to leave my home, just walk out and leave what I had. I didn’t have a lot of choice really, it had got so bad.  I managed to get quite a bit of my art gear in the car, but had to leave some canvasses and paintings behind to make sure there was room for some personal things also to take.  I lived in my car for the first week or so, then came across a really beautiful little town, which had a camping park in it also. Bought a tent from  town not too far away and was really good to be able to get my things out of the car and into the tent, my dog certainly appreciated it also, although the wind blowing on the tent at first really scared him.  Its got an absolutely huge area for dogs to walk and play, which is fantastic. Its been a shock for him though after having his own backyard to run freely in, although he couldn’t even do that there any more.  We’ve now got a van for awhile and wow its lovely being able to make a coffee inside in the mornings, as its in one of the coldest parts of the state.  I haven’t done any art for awhile now, as have pneumonia back again, have been to the hospital here and on a nebuliser, which certainly makes it easier to breathe at times. I miss my art so much but have not felt well enough to do any.  I hope soon.

The scenery around here is really beautiful. Some of the photos show it, very old buildings, farms etc. The photo of the cat is a cat that was abandoned in the park by its owners, and is now living with some permanent people here, who have fed him back to health, he’s really gorgeous.   The photo of my car boot, (not my tent I add as the capion says)  happened over the last couple of  weeks I was at the house, the boot and the roof are the same,  we were being sprayed constantly, they said they were “trying to bleach me”.  Bizarre, as if I was any lighter I’d be a ghost.  They had a high pressure squirt gun. We parked under a tree one night to try and sleep, and they sprayed the tree, (all the spiders fell out of the tree on to my car, I have an abnormal fear of spiders,) while they yelled out “What’s that one taste like bitch”.   I think a lot of this was retaliation for capturing on video the use of lasers on my dogs eyes.

Some of the people here at the park have been really lovely and helpful,  they’re permanent residents,  and they also get a lot of backpackers in for the seasonal fruit picking around here, a lot travellers from other countries.  We had our wettest day for two years the other day,  and one poor guy in a tent nearly got floated away. He was stuck right in the middle of a huge lake of water the rain had made when he woke up. Wish I’d been able to get a photo of it, but the batteries in the camera were flat at the time.  Would have been an awesome photo, but not much fun for him really.

The bird life around here is beautiful and varied, early morning and late afternoon, and at  night lots of possums and rabbits and the occasional fox as well. Wonderful to paint.

There’s also a small library in the town with a couple of computers for public use, which is great, will come in handy, I hope to get a second hand laptop soon, which will be better still.

Hope to blog again soon, and catch up on everyone’s art and blogs.

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