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January 20, 2010


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This is done in soft pastel on pastel paper. The old shack still standing.  Somewhere in The Flinders Ranges, abandoned for a long time. I have always sprayed my pastels with fixative, but after watching a video the other day, and totally agreeing on the fact that fixative does dull the colours I think I will leave them from now on and just wrap them in tissue paper when finished.  You tend to lose too much of the vibrant colours associated with pastels.

I’ve just finished putting a bandage and a sock on my dogs paw, the poor bugger has been limping this afternoon, and after making him lay and roll so I could look, he’s taken skin off the underside of his paw.  He’s such the macho man and never complains about anything, so know its really bothering him.  He really is quite simply beautiful. In the morning I can get something proper to bathe it with, and a proper bandage also. Hopefully this makes it a little more comfortable for him to walk on.

January 18, 2010

Graphite and Pastels.

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Just popped another couple drawings on, the first one is a large one done in graphite, the cigarette lady, the second is an aceo after Craig Nelson, who does some of the most amazing pastel paintings out, this is done in pastels also, the third one is after Vincent Van Gogh,  another little aceo, done in pastels.

Thank you for the well wishes that were left for me, I got over the pneumonia, but feels like am getting it back again. It was funny but about a week before I got it I was talking to someone on the phone saying I kept smelling and tasting pesticides into my home, which would have to come from the adjoining half house. Then both my dog and I started vomitting every day. In the end I couldn’t breathe anymore and called the doctor out, and they said it was “chemical pneumonia”  I looked this up and it is caused from pesticides, so don’t think I was too far wrong in what I had said on the phone before actually getting it.

I have hardly done any painting now for awhile, been so tired, but have checked most of the blogs I follow each day, as I really love looking at other peoples art, it gives me such pleasure.

January 4, 2010

Coffee Disprin and Blogging.

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Have had to ad the disprin to the blogging. Haven’t done much art lately, I haven’t felt that well over the last week and half and finally had to call the doctor out the other night, something I haven’t done before. But it was getting just about impossible to breathe.  She said its pneumonia and had to go to hospital.  A lesson in life I have just learnt, when your by yourself you should always have emergency pet sitter/accomodation on hand. And also to let your pet get to know a couple of the neighbours around you, in case they have to come into your home in an emergency.  My dog has such a bark, and he’s big also, that even the poor man who delivers parcels just leaves them on top of the letter box if he’s at the door.   Funny though if I let someone in he’s the biggest sook with them, and laps all attention and is SO good. This is the same dog that adopts birds and mice when he finds them. He babysat incubated chickens for 6 weeks and wouldn’t leave the side of the box they were in.  But oh boy, if you come near my door he sounds like he wants to eat you.  And this is the problem when you don’t have pre-planned emergency accomodation for him. If someone came to the door to look after him, he’d scare them away.

Or he may be classified aggresive. This worries me.

I put an ad in the local online paper for a petsitter, but can you believe, the next morning when I would have received calls about it my phone was disconnected.  I didn’t know til later that day.  Apparently the second time in the last few days it has been disconnected. Someone else tried to ring me a few days ago and got told the phone was disconnected also.  So it certainly warns us to be more prepared.   You really expect your phone service to work when you pay for it.

December 31, 2009

Some More Graphite and Pen and Ink Drawings.

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These are a few I did some time ago, two are graphite and one is pen and ink, the pen and ink one I did from a fantastic book I had on art.

December 29, 2009

ACEO’s Oils Dolphins.

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This is a couple of oil ACEO’s I did, aceo’s measure 2.5 x 3.5″. Miniature artworks. I love dolphins they are so beautiful.

Graphite Art

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These are a couple of graphite drawings I did, I really am a sucker for graphite and charcoal art.

This is an incredible link I found for graphite and charcoal work,  he has many links of different artists on there.  The talent is absolutely amazing.  If you get the time its worth checking out. Also some really beautiful paintings there as well. The talent around never ceases to amaze me, and I never tire of looking at it.

Well Xmas has come and gone, and now the preparations for New Years will be well underway for most people. We’re in for a blistering one for the next few days with temps up around the 40 degree mark again, think its about 105-6 in the old temps.  So will be really glad when the cooler change comes in. I have been looking at a few sites from across the other side of the world, and wow the snow they have had. Some of the photos I’ve looked through are incredible. It must be so hard to walk through it at times. I’ve never seen snow myself, but it looks so beautiful, must have its down side as well.

December 26, 2009

Some Humour For Supper..

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I found these on the net today, and a bit of humour never goes astray. I hope you enjoy them. I’ve just been sitting here with my usual coffee (didn’t get my decaffienated yet)  and looking through some of the joke sites. Some are so good, the sense of humour some people have is wonderful.

This one not so humorous really, they need to put the poor cat on a diet.

Not meant to be confusing is this?

December 25, 2009

Graphite Artists.

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Well our catastrophic fire alert, turned out to be catastrophic. My heart goes out to the poor souls who lost their homes and everything in the fires we had. What a Xmas for you. At least no lives were lost, something to be thankful for.

How heartbreaking it must be to lose everything you own like that, all belongings Xmas presents and photographic memories just up in smoke.

Xmas day is now nearly over for another year,  quite but relaxing day. The latter part of it I  spent going through some old graphite drawings I had done awhile ago, my love of graphite and charcoal is undiminished, and spent some time on the web going through different blogs offering a look into their work, how beautiful some of it is. I found an amazing link to pencil artists and had a ball going through that as well.  Felt like a kid in a candy store.  This link is of some of the best pencil artists in the world.   So I really consider myself lucky to have found it.

Years ago I had a hobby in photography, and even in that I always leaned towards black and white photos. I think it stems from when I watched the really old movies  and fell in love with the way they did the lighting way back then.

I have my usual coffee with me,  and am going to go back into pencilartists and drool some more. Hope your Xmas was wonderful.

December 22, 2009

More Coffee and Blogging.

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It’s 4.30am, just finishing a coffee, and enjoying a bit of the cooler time of the morning, it was a stinker today and with another one forecast for tomorrow, 42, thankfully the day after will be back to civilised temperatures, and RAIN, hooray.  The backwash of Cyclone Lawrence coming over to us, with about 20 mm expected. We’re on our water rations and can only water twice a week, so any rain in between is so appreciated.  Plus a lazy way to water the lawns. Will get the dogs little swimming pool out tomorrow and put some water in it, he really loves that late afternoon,  and just lays back in it for awhile, before his mad run around the yard then.

I’ve never been through a cyclone myself, and am glad for that, they had winds up to 250 kilometres an hour, it must have been absolutely terrifying.  With quite a bit of damage done also.  But its always good when no lives are lost.  We in the South are on “catastrophic” fire alert tomorrow, so all fingers and toes will be crossed we don’t have any.  The taste of what happened in Victoria is still too fresh.

I actually got some more painting done today, was good to progress again.  Time to try and get a bit of sleep.  And today have to buy some decaffienated coffee.

December 21, 2009


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I found this on the internet, and just wanted to put it on, tried some others but I’m not terribly computer savvy, some you had to do all these different things to be able to download them and keep them. So simple and straight to the point,  MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR.

Just sitting with a coffee, and been looking through the blogs I follow and some new ones also.  The coffee’s great and so are most of the blogs.  My biscuit pinching dog is asleep on the floor near me. Quite probably disappointed I only have the coffee and nothing else.  I don’t think it would hurt him to lose a kilo or two anyway.  I’ve gotten into the bad habit of when I have something he always gets a taste of it to, have to stop this. It’s not fair on him.

We’re in for a couple of scorchers over the next couple of days, but then thankfully it will drop right back down to the mid 20’s for Xmas. A perfect day weather wise.  Went for a drive around the neighborhood the other night and saw the different houses with their Xmas lights up and on, it was so beautiful. They had an older gentleman on the Today Tonight show a few nights ago who every year decorates the front of his home for the children (and parents) to come and see, someone had deliberately driven right over all his trees and decorations destroying them all. He was heartbroken, he saves up each year a little out of each pension day to add to what he’s got, and as he said he could never replace them for Xmas and would take a few years anyway. They had him back on the show again last night, Bunnings, the local store had chipped in and delivered to him all the decorations he needed to get it all going again. The joy in that mans face was unbelievable, with tears of joy to go with it.  Xmas comes again to his house. And what a lovely thing for Bunnings to do.  I truly don’t believe the mentality of some people.

I dearly want to finish my other pastel painting, and hope to over the next couple of days.

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